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What will I receive if I order a research package?

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When your research is complete, you'll receive your family history findings in an attractive final report. You have the choice when you order to receive the report in an electronic PDF version or in a bound hard copy version.

You can view sample reports below (please note, however, that results vary by family):

Sample Foundations Package Report

Sample Heritage Package Report

All reports include the following elements:


Family Tree Charts

You'll receive easy to read family tree charts displaying the new ancestors found during research.

The number of new generations presented will depend on the number of hours in your package, and the specifics related to your research (e.g., time period of interest, location of interest, and family specific factors).




Comprehensive Report

Our reports are easy to understand and written to bring your ancestral history to life! We work hard to go beyond names, dates and places to create your special family storyline.

Your comprehensive report will clearly explain all information searched for and located on your family history.





Family Documents

Included with the report are copies of all original family documents found. The specific documents depend on your family and the time period/location for research, but may include:

  • Census records
  • Vital records (birth, marriage, death records)
  • Military service records
  • Church records
  • Land records
  • Wills and probates
  • Other records, as applicable for your family






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