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Read what a few of our customers have to say!

"The people at Family Storylines love genealogy, and that passion shows in their products and services. The first thing I noticed was the courtesy and professionalism of the research director. She was as excited about my family history as I was. An expert genealogist went to work immediately on my project, gathering a tremendous amount of detail and discovering parts of my ancestry noone in my family knew about. But I was most impressed by the time and attention the Family Storylines staff invested in preparing my research report. They carefully aggregated all the hard facts and filled in the missing details to compose a touching picture of what my family might have been like 300 years ago. I was thrilled with my report, and surprised at how much information I received for the relatively small investment I made. They did a great job and I’m looking forward to working with them again!"

Karrie, California

"My family tried to research our ancestry for years, but we couldn’t seem to find the necessary information; we got stuck on when our ancestors migrated from England to Australia. We never considered hiring professional researchers, but a friend recommended Family Storylines. The research director took the time to really understand what we wanted and within days Family Storylines had an expert combing through obscure parish records. They then wrote a full report about our family history, with a lot of detail, including pictures of significant artifacts, towns and maps. They delivered way more information than I expected. The whole family was excited to read the report. Family Storylines is extremely professional and delivers high quality research. I would recommend them to anyone."

Steven, Australia

"I have always been highly interested in learning about my family's history, but I never had the time that was necessary to do the research. The task was just too overwhelming. Then a friend told me about Family Storylines. What an incredible service! At first I thought, 'Yeah right. It's probably just another one of those companies that charge you and then make you do all the work. Please!' But my friend enthusiastically insisted that Family Storylines was different. So I checked it out. And what did I find? A highly professional team of experts who did ALL the deep / tedious research for me . . . at a very affordable price! They made it SO EASY!

I was so blown away at what Family Storylines found out about my 'family storyline' that I immediately ordered research packages for two of my most treasured family grandparents. Thanks to Family Storylines, I was able to give my 83-year-old grandparents one of the greatest gifts I could ever give them...the amazing story of their lives and the lives of our ancestors. Grandma and Grandpa were so deeply touched that they were moved to beautiful tears. It was a priceless, once in a lifetime experience that I will never, ever forget. Thank you Family Storylines! The happiness you've brought to my family is immeasurable."

Johnny, New York

"Family Storylines really delivered for me. They were able to find where in Germany and Slovakia my father's grandparents came from, the ships they sailed on to America, and when they settled in Ohio. Based on this information, they then traced my family several additional generations in Europe. The family history report was very thorough and professional, and filled with interesting facts about my ancestors and their journey to America. Family Storylines provided excellent customer service and delivered beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in seriously researching their family history."

Charles, Ohio

"Thank you so much for your help. I was thrilled with all the information I received. I had never used this type of service before, but it was so easy, plus I got fast results and great value for the money. I will definitely use Family Storylines in the future!"

Willi, Missouri

"I was so impressed by the results of the research Family Storylines did for our family. They solved a mystery about the origin of our last name that everyone in the family had been wondering about for generations. My father said it was the best gift he's ever gotten!"

Jon, Massachusetts

"My experience with Family Storylines has been fantastic. I was hesitant to use a professional genealogy service because I always thought I should be able to do the research myself now that there is so much available on the internet. I got frustrated as I kept hitting the same road block in my research so I finally looked on the internet to find a professional researcher with access to Irish records that don't exist online. I was amazed how much easier and faster it was for a professional to find the information I had spent years seeking. Family Storylines has answered family questions we didn't think would ever be answered! Thank you for this great work!"

Mary, Washington

"I can't believe everything you were able to find on my family! There was so little I had to provide you with in the beginning, I was afraid nothing could be found. With just a few names, dates and places you were able to trace my family 3 more generations in a short amount of time. Paying for your service was such a small investment for this return of fascinating family knowledge."

Brian, Arizona

"Without the help of Family Storylines, we would never have been able to solve the mystery of our paternal family lineage. They managed to document our family line much farther back in time than I ever imagined. The results were delivered in a family history report that was both timely and professionally written. I would certainly recommend Family Storylines to anyone trying to trace their family roots."

Max, New York

"The best thing about Family Storylines is that you are in consistent contact with a Research Director - a real person, not a machine. The Research Director seemed every bit as interested in my problems as I am. The results were achieved so speedily and all the things I had spent years wondering about were clearly and readably presented within a matter of days. Who could ask for anything more? Thank you all."

Lawrence, London

"Thank you so much for the great work on my father's family tree! Everyone in my family has been reading the fascinating research report on our ancestors' immigration from Ireland. We were all so impressed with how much you accomplished in just 10 hours of research. We are excited to continue our research with you soon! Thank you!"

Molly, New York

"Family Storylines has given me information I never thought could be found! All I had to work with was a name, an approximate date of marriage and a couple of places where my great grandfather lived. The research report came back with a full life history, the identification of his parents and all of his siblings, and the town in Eastern Europe from which his parents immigrated. I am 100% satisfied and more with my experience."

Alex, New Jersey

"I had long wanted to trace my surname in Scotland. I had some ideas of where my family came from, but nothing concrete or documented. I gave Family Storylines a few names and dates in the U.S. and they were able to trace my family 5 generations in Scotland. Apparently there is even more that can be done and I'll be having them continue. It's a great opportunity to finally put my family curiosity in the hands of professionals."

John, Connecticut

"My mom has talked about wanting to know more about her family history for years. I finally decided to look into having a professional do this research for us because I would have no idea where to start with it. I was impressed with the immediate response I received from Family Storylines and decided to go with them. I am so glad I did! They gave us a truly insightful and thorough report on our African American ancestry! We learned all about our ancestors' roots in Virginia and can't wait to learn more. Thank you, thank you, thank you! My mom and I couldn't be more excited to finally learn all this."

Shelly, Oregon

"Many thanks for the true WEALTH of information I just received on my great grandparents' immigration from Poland! This is exactly what I was hoping for. It's so nice to finally know the towns they came from and to be able to learn more about their history there. I will definitely be using you again in the future!"

Ally, Pennsylvania

"Although I have done a lot of research myself, there is no way I could have ever accessed Ukrainian archives to find the records of interest for my family there. The language and distance barriers are just too great for me to even want to figure out what to do on that side of my family! You guys are a fantastic resource."

John, England

"I received the report and have read and re-read and re-read it! All of this Civil War information is so interesting. I look forward to having you start researching the other side of my family now...thanks!"

Sam, California

"I thought the possibility of actually finding out where in Spain my family came from would be close to 0 given how little I had to start with. The fact that Family Storylines traced my family's immigration through Cuba and into Spain, back 4 generations, is just fantastic. They have answered questions I have wondered about for years!"

Martin, Virginia

With my best friend’s 50th birthday approaching I wanted to get him a gift that mattered.  Because his dad had died when my friend was young, he has always had a certain sense of rootlessness, and buying him a family genealogy seemed like a special thing I could do for him.

In the process of gathering initial material and working with Family Storylines I got to know my buddy’s sister, who also chatted some with a first cousin she hadn’t contacted in years. He and his sister got a  little closer.  Their rather ill and elderly mom has nostalgized about people from her past. My friend’s daughter has gotten some interest in her family history. And my friend has resolved some personal issues, knows better than he did who he is.

I am completely delighted with my choice of gift, and my friend was extremely happy with it. And I am also completely happy with the wonderful—and fairly priced—service of Family Storylines. They did everything they said they would and then some.  It was a great pleasure to deal with them. And I have some more projects in mind for the future—I will be using them again!

John, Florida

"My great grandmother and grandmother were both very interested in tracing our family tree but neither had the money or tools to do much. Since they have both passed away it seems that my father wants to know more.  I also feel it is important for both of my brothers and their children to know as much as possible about their family name and hope that at least one of them will continue the research as we pass the information from generation to generation.  With that said, I am extremely pleased with the outcome that Family Storylines has provided me.  The information is backed up and is giving real insight as to who we are and where we came from.  I am having 3 books printed.  One book for each of my brothers to pass down to their children and one for my loving father who sparked the interest in me.  I would highly recommend Family Storylines to anyone.  The service has been quick and very professional.  The Research Director has been a pleasure dealing with and I fully intend to have Family Storylines continue research on other family members in the future." 

Cindy, California

"I just wanted to say thank you for all your work on our family history. It was a very complicated and convoluted research requiring documents from far outside the standard 'Provincial stats records'.  Your dedication to getting 'to the bottom' was/is very much appreciated.  I would certainly recommend Family Storylines to anyone interested in discovering their family history.  You have provided us with a history we never had and many hours of reading and discussing. Thank you again." 

Barry, Canada

"Your company has been such a delightful experience. I have found you very professional, which I had expected. The part I did not expect was your sensitive and personal responses to my needs, often anticipating a question of mine and fully answering it. You even took the time to point me in other directions. The research you did about my grandfather and its presentation, as I said brought tears to my 90 year old father's eyes and filled a place in my heart as I never got to meet my grandfather Avery. Thank you and your staff again for this. I am indeed looking forward to working together again."

Barbara, South Carolina

"I really appreciate all the work you have been doing for me on my family.  I'm not just saying it but your company really is the best out there.  I've used different ones before I found Family Storylines and I have been very pleased with the quality of work you all do and how very affordable you are.  I've even recommended you to some of my friends that are tracing their family trees. Thank you!"

Catherine, Virginia

"My dad was adopted at a very young age and we had been searching for information on his birth father for many years. After contacting Family Storylines, they not only found his mother and father but also my great-grandparents - despite the fact that my grandfather arbitrarily changed his last name! I was truly amazed. Thanks so much. The information meant so much to my 80 year-old dad."

Carol, California

"Fantastic, absolutely fabulous, I am thrilled beyond all expectations. Thank you!"

Penelope, California