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How the Process Works

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Once you decide on a research package, you can place an order online or by calling our toll free number (800-868-8360). If you have any questions before placing an order, please contact us at any time.

No matter how you place your order, we'll just need to know two things:

  • Your research objective. In other words, what do you want to learn from this research?
  • What you already know about the ancestors you want us to research. If you place an order online, you will be prompted to provide your information at that time. If you wish to provide it later, you can simply skip the screen during the checkout process and email, fax or call with the information later.
two You pay half of the total when you place your order and the balance is automatically charged when the research is completed. We accept all major cards.
two A Research Director will follow up with you within 2 business days of receiving your order to confirm our understanding of your objective and that we have all the information needed to begin. If we need further information or clarifications, we will let you know at that time.
two Your project will be assigned to one of our expert genealogists who is experienced in the time periods/locations necessary for your research. The genealogist will best utilize the hours included in the package you select to work toward your goal.
two When your research report is ready, your Research Director will email you a link to download your complete report (see what you'll receive). If you requested a "paper" copy when placing an order, it will be mailed at that time.
two Your credit card will automatically be charged for the balance of your order, including any international fees and expenses.


Once you review your report, if you would like to continue with research, you simply pay a new deposit and we'll begin again!



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