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Gifts to be Cherished for Years and Generations to Come

The gift of family history makes an occasion
truly unforgettable


"...Thanks to Family Storylines, I was able to give my 83-year-old grandparents one of the greatest gifts I could ever give them...the amazing story of their lives and the lives of our ancestors. Grandma and Grandpa were so deeply touched that they were moved to beautiful tears. It was a priceless, once in a lifetime experience that I will never, ever forget."

--Johnny, New York

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Family tree gifts are perfect for any occasion:


  • New Baby Gift
    A family tree gift of research on the new baby’s family history is something special that a new mom or grandparent will cherish.
  • Wedding Gift
    A family tree gift of research on the bride’s and groom’s newly combined family heritage creates a unique and memorable heirloom to be kept for generations.
  • Memorial Gift
    A family tree gift to preserve the heritage of a loved one who has passed is an especially thoughtful and unique gift for family members.
  • Christmas, Birthday or Anniversary Gift
    If you’re looking for a special Christmas, Birthday or Anniversary gift that will be enjoyed long after the day is over, family tree gifts are ideal!


There are 2 easy ways to give the gift of family history at Family Storylines!



Purchase a Family Storylines Gift Certificate. This is an easy way to give the gift of family history to anyone! Gift certificate recipients redeem their gift by calling Family Storylines to provide the family information needed to begin research. When the research is complete, the recipient receives a beautiful family history based on what was found.

Simply purchase a gift certificate in the amount of the research package you wish to give. Gift certificates ship within 2 business days. Same day email delivery is also available for orders placed by 5:00 pm PST Monday-Friday (view PDF sample)!





Order research to be done in time for your event. If you are a family member of the gift recipient, you may know enough about the family and what the recipient would be interested to learn to purchase one of our packages yourself and give the family history results directly to the recipient as a gift. Click here to learn about our exciting packages! A 4-8 week lead time is necessary for a pre-made gift.





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