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Expert Opinion

Fast, affordable advice on your own research


The Family Storylines Expert Opinion service is an affordable service for people who prefer to do their own research but need advice from a professional genealogist on how to overcome a particular research challenge. Common challenges needing an expert opinion include:

  • Finding an immigrant's town of origin
  • Conducting early American research before census and most vital records
  • Resolving conflicting pieces of information to determine what is fact
  • Deciphering between many people with the same name
  • Tracing living relatives

Here's how it works:

Once you place an order, you'll be contacted to provide a summary of your research problem and any prior research.
two One of our experts will thoroughly review your information to determine your best course of action.
two Within 7 business days, you'll receive a formal evaluation of the research problem and a detailed research plan for you to pursue!

Only $75

Expert Opinion is simple. It's fast. It's affordable. It could completely open doors to your family history you might otherwise never see. All you have to do is place the order now - we'll contact you for your information later.


Order your Expert Opinion today!


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