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Business Gifts

Unique. Unexpected. Impactful.

Few gifts can so eloquently communicate to your clients that you value their business.

Give the gift of an expertly researched family history.


Family Storylines launches Business Gift Program
Family Storylines is the premier expert genealogy research company, providing comprehensive research on family history in more than 30 countries worldwide. Family Storylines recently launched a Business Gift Program designed to make expert family tree research an easy yet impactful gift option for business executives seeking exclusive gifts for their clients.


Why is the gift of family history research such a great idea for your clients?

Every year, thousands of executives search for exclusive gifts to give valuable clients for holidays or business-specific reasons (e.g., thank you gifts). For lack of better ideas and time, most businesses end up giving extremely common gifts such as wine or gourmet food - gifts appreciated but not valued by the recipients. Family history is a personal gift that recipients will not only value upon receipt, but for the rest of their lives. It's also a gift that almost everyone would love - research has shown that more than 80% of people want to know more about their family tree.


How does the Business Gift Program work?

It's simple. We work with business accounts to create custom gift certificate packages for their clients. Gift certificate packages typically include a selected number of expert research hours on the gift recipient's family history and an elegant custom printed family tree framed for display in the recipient's home. It typically takes just 30 minutes or less to create a business account and place an order.

Gift recipients call or email Family Storylines to provide the basic family information needed to begin research - typically requiring 15 minutes or less. When the research is complete, the recipient receives a comprehensive family history report based on what was found and a beautifully framed family tree.

See what the final report looks like >>

See a sample family tree >>


How do I place an order?

Call us at 1-800-868-8360 and a representative will work with you to quickly and easily create your client gift package!


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